Services and Rates


15  MIN  –  $18
30  MIN  –  $22
45  MIN  –  $27
60  MIN  –  $32

We all know that our pets are happiest when they are home with their humans. But when their humans can’t be home with them, they are still happier and less stressed at home than they would be anywhere else. Zen Dog assures that your pets will stay on their regular routine and receive lots of love and attention while you are gone, thereby keeping their stress levels (and yours!) at a minimum. Oral medications can also be administered to your pet during the visit at no extra charge.

At Zen Dog, Out of Town Visits include more than just caring for and loving on your beloved furred and feathered family members. It also includes housekeeping services such as bringing in the newspaper, packages, and mail, watering plants, rotating lights and blinds, and catering to any other minor requests that you may have while you’re away.

I will come to your house as many times a day as you would like (I recommend at least once a day for cats, and at least twice a day for dogs) to care for your critters and make sure they are comfortable and happy. I will even provide text and picture updates of your pets upon your request!

Services and Rates
Services and Rates


15  MIN  –  $16
30  MIN  –  $20
45  MIN  –  $25
60  MIN  –  $30

Regular, daily walks are highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers/behavioral consultants alike in promoting good health in your dog. However, in today’s hectic, hard-working society, this is often much easier said than done! Whether you work long hours, or are physically unable to provide the exercise or potty breaks your pet needs, call on Zen Dog to help!

We will go at the dogs’ pace, with the safety of your dogs being our top priority. During extremely hot weather (above 90 degrees Fahrenheit), walks will utilize as much shade as possible, and the walk may be shortened in order to keep the pet from overheating. If your dog can be walked at any time of the day, we may discuss walking him/her during morning or evening hours as opposed to midday, when it is too hot for them.

*Daily Dog Walks/Jogs assume a recurring schedule of three or more days every week. If you do not require at least three visits per week, you will be charged the Out of Town Visit rates.


10-15  MIN  –  $18

Don’t have dogs or cats and just need someone to feed less labor-intensive pets, bring in the mail, rotate lights and blinds, or water plants? Don’t pay for a 30-minute service if you don’t need one! Just the Basics can get the job done in a 10- to 15-minute visit at a lower cost than a visit for a dog or cat.


30  MIN  –  $45*
60  MIN  –  $80*

In recent years, massage has been proven to be very beneficial for people. Even more recently, it was realized that animals too can enjoy similar benefits with a regular massage program.

At Zen Dog, your dog or cat will be massaged by Stephanie Sorensen, a certified professional small animal massage therapist! The benefits to your pet, when performed regularly, include increased flexibility and mobility in both young and old animals, a decrease in activity-related injuries, improved circulation, respiration, and nerve response, improvements in muscular and skin health and tone, and improved digestion to name a few. Massage also promotes relaxation in high-strung, nervous, or anxious dogs.

Want to add a Potty and Play Time, a walk or a run? No problem! Combined with one animal massage, the Potty and Play Time can be added on for only $10 extra, and book two or more massages, and the Potty and Play Time is on the house!

* Cost depends on distance from Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Services and Rates